Get ready for the biggest and best KPOPCON yet; it's time to BE CHROMATIC

This year's convention is to be held in

March 8-9, 2014
at UC Berkeley

Hope to see you there! Registered & Protected

Anonymous asked: "So, my parents gave me registration as a present (good parents, right?) but they didn't give me any proof of registration... Is there a list of attendees that I can be checked against with a state-issued ID? or I could log into my account to prove that I AM registered? what is the most efficient way to handle the issue?"

You’ll need your ID to sign in so if your daebak parents paid your registration under your name then you should be fine. If you logged in and saw your registration payment checked off as well, then you should be good to go. (If not, then I suggest that you send an un-anonymous email to the official kpopcon13 gmail)

Anonymous asked: "If I may ask, do you know if any KPOP idols are going to be performing at KCON'13? If so, could you name them? I know there are going to be fans who are going to sing and dance covers of KPOP songs but I couldn't find out who was actually going to be there."

Hello, please direct yourself to the FAQ’13 section on the tumblr. We’ve answered this question several times, here, here, here, and here.

But in case I misread your question, we are not associated with KCON. We are KPOPCON, the first KPOP convention to have ever been established in the United States and at the collegiate level. Please read our website and about us section again if you are still confused. We are a fan made convention unlike KCON that was created by Korean entertainment companies.

Anonymous asked: "for the merchants listed on the website like priscilla wu, soompi, and victoria sanchez, exactly what items will they be selling?"

Accessories, posters, buttons, etc. (They did not specify)

Anonymous asked: "In day 2's events, will the booths be available all day since there isn't a time period for them?"

YES! :)

Anonymous asked: "Are we allowed to bring backpacks/bags to the event?"

Yes, I would suggest packing a water bottle and sweaters for day one AND TWO, especially TWO since it’s outside. The bay, as you may or may not know, has very temperamental weather. It will be hot and cold and freezing but then oddly warm again. 

I’m so excited! See you soon!

Anonymous asked: "So I don't have an ID to bring to prove I registered so if I printed how the receipt from paypal with the transaction number would that be sufficient enough? Or is there something else I need?"

That’s good enough! See you soon!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: "I need help, I have to complete the housing application and I cannot locate it, can someone pleas help?"

The housing application was up on the website. You should have logged in and the form should have popped up in the circles for you to click and finish. The housing application is now closed again. I hope you got through. :X

Anonymous asked: "I'm not familar with the UC campus so I was wondering if the event is walking distance from the nearest bart station? It would be the downtown Berkeley stop. Thanks!"

Well, I’m not going to lie…I live 10 minutes away from the registration location, Kroeber Plaza (Bancroft and College Ave) and 13 minutes away from the main location, I-House (Bancroft and Piedmont Ave). It’s quite an uphill walk. If you walk from the BART station, it takes about 25 minutes, according to google maps. If you take the bus, 12 minutes, according to google maps.

If you hate waiting for buses, paying for them, or love walking (like me)- Walk up from Shattuck until you get to Bancroft and then go up Bancroft towards campus until you get to College, where you will most likely see us with the registration table and balloons. 

If you take the bus, you should take the 51B at the bus stop outside of the BART station close to Shattuck and Allston Way. The bus will go down Shattuck and up Durant Ave. You will need to get off on the College Ave. stop and then make a left towards campus again, until you reach Bancroft (which is really only one street away) and see us at the registration table. 

After the registration stop, you can then hike up to I-House. 

Consider it a warm up for the dance workshops. ;D

Hope this helps. See you soon~

Anonymous asked: "I'm sorry. I was relying on the kpopcon official site for information. Guess I should have checked tumblr more often >.<"

It’s not very obvious when changes have been made to the website, I know. This is a set back. We will definitely use this information in order to better design it next year. Hopefully it clears things up for everyone. Sorry about that. :|

Anonymous asked: "how much were posters sold for last year?"

Uh I believe they were for around $10 dollars and then maybe $8…