Get ready for the biggest and best KPOPCON yet; it's time to BE CHROMATIC

This year's convention is to be held in

March 8-9, 2014
at UC Berkeley

Hope to see you there! Registered & Protected

CJ Entertainment was cool enough to donate quite a number of goods to our convention. If you are interested in Asian Cinema then like them on facebook. Why? Because they update on what’s out, when, and where! If it hadn’t been for subscribing to them I would have missed out on some great movies here in the bay area. I know, you’re thinking- you shameless plugger you! But, no, really- every one of us on staff actually really likes all our sponsors and would recommend them to anyone. So please, check them out!

-Your KPOPCON12 spy



@ UC Berkeley

January 28-29 2012

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