Get ready for the biggest and best K-pop convention yet; it's time to BE CHROMATIC

This year's convention is to be held in

March 8-9, 2014
at UC Berkeley

Hope to see you there! Registered & Protected

KPOPCON 2014 Tumblr Meetup ((Hosted by Seoul’d Out!! UCSB)) 


Hey, what’s up KPOPCON 2014 goers!! This year, Seoul’d Out!! at UC Santa Barbara is excited to host its first official tumblr meetup at this year’s KPOPCON!!

KPOPCON 2014 is on March 8th-9th, and the meetup will be held on the second day from 1-5PM during the fanmeet at UC Berkeley’s campus. Exact location coming soon! We look forward to meeting the K-Pop tumblr community this year!!

- Your Seoul’d Out!! UCSB 2013-2014 Staff

Hey all,

we wanted to let you know of an AWESOME event that UCSB’s very own K-pop club is holding at KPOPCON this year! We’d like to invite any and all Tumblr users who are interested to check this out — it’ll be a ton of fun!

ALSO if you haven’t yet registered for KPOPCON, it’s never too late! It’s going to be awesome, trust me :)

love y’all,

the social media ninja

Anonymous asked: "So my two of my friends have asked me to register for them and am I allowed to purchase more than one ticket under my name when I register? Or will I have to fill in their information and purchase for each person individually?"

hi there!

you are able to purchase more than one ticket for your friends, but please make sure that:

1. in your “notes to the seller” on the payment page, you indicate the names of all individuals you are purchasing tickets for, and

2. each one of you fills out the first part of the registration form prior to the payment stage separately. we need all of your info for our records :)

thanks and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous asked: "Is squareup the only method when paying for registration?"

at the moment, yes :( if you would like to try and arrange another payment method (other than buying at the door), please email us at we will see what we can do for you~

thank you!!

Anonymous asked: "do you know what the booths will be selling? I ant to get some really really good merchandise!"

the booths this year will be selling a variety of awesome merch! there will be t-shirts, all sorts of albums, fanart and other good stuff :) there’s also a merchandise re-sale table where fans can bring any merchandise they want to sell off!

Anonymous asked: "Hello, will this year's kpopcon have the check in thing like on the first day of last year's kpopcon? So when we register with our name it needs to match the name on a school ID or license correct?"

it will indeed, and yes that’s correct! :)

Anonymous asked: "So for the open mic do we have to sign up? and will there be instruments provided or do we have to bring our own?"

Hi there!

You can sign up for open mic on the day of the fan meet-up (Sunday, March 9th). For the most part instruments will not be provided by staff as they are an extra liability, but I’m sure you can collaborate with other attendees to borrow/share instruments, materials, etc.! Some of the staff may bring personal instruments for use (i.e. as the social media ninja, I will contribute my guitar for the day!). We will have the basics like sound system and mics, etc. 

If I get a more definitive answer I will update this as soon as possible :) Thanks and see you soon!! 

Giveaway time!! 


As we inch ever closer to our big day, we wanted to start giving back to you guys for supporting us along the way! So right now, we’d like to announce our FIRST GIVEAWAY of this year’s event! The details are super simple:

The first 150 paid registrants for KPOPCON 2014 will be entered to win…

a super awesome SIGNED copy of Teen Top’s “Artist” 3rd mini album!

So get over to to register if you haven’t yet! We’ll let you all know when we hit 150, so get excited and get registered! 

Much love and appreciation,
The KPOPCON team

*if you win you must be present at our convention to pick up this very special album 

Anonymous asked: "How many hours do you volunteer to be eligible for the free registration? (I know this sounds realllyy shallow ;_; But I really do want to volunteer out of happiness and excitement. I'm just curious, as I want to be able to roam around and participate as well)"

hi there,

you don’t sound shallow at all! the volunteer shifts will be approximately 5 hours along on either day one or two, and you can sign up to be a volunteer for us at

we are so happy that you’re excited for our convention. we hope to deliver a wonderful experience for you!

Anonymous asked: "Is there a discount if you can only attend day two?"

unfortunately there isn’t - but we promise that your $20 will go into making this an unforgettable experience, regardless of which/how many days you attend!

please come :) we love our fans and want to see you all contribute to the color and passion of K-pop and our event!

Dear followers, 

What does color mean to you as a fan? When you think of K-pop, what colors and images come to mind?